Q&A with Stew ‘n’ Drew

Who ARE Stew ‘n’ Drew?
That’s a good question.

Can either of you give me an answer then?
We’re two good friends who followed their dream of making great ice cream.

Hey that rhymes, just like Stew ‘n’ Drew. So why the ‘n’?
We thought it suited us best. More playful than ‘and’ while less formal than an ampersand … you know, the ‘&’ thing.

So which one of you is Stew?
That’d be me.

And what separates you from Drew?
Well, the length of this ice cream factory for a start. He’s standing over there boiling the milk. But apart from that, there’s my love of Salad Cream sandwiches, which he doesn’t share. And my lifelong fondness for the music of Shakin’ Stevens. But despite those differences, it all comes back to our shared love of ice cream. None of which contains Salad Cream, you’ll be glad to hear.

What do you have to say about all this Drew?
I’m with him.

Yes, we’ve established you’re in business together but what do you have to say for yourself?
I’d say the ice cream speaks for itself, so I don’t have to.

Is that it?
No, not quite. I’d just like to take this opportunity to tell all our customers that we love them as much as we love dreaming up fresh flavours for them. And that we actually dream about ice cream in our sleep. Can’t get away from the stuff. We’re the ice cream dream team.

Anything else that obsesses you Drew?
Infinity. Where does it end?

And what about you Stew?
Full stops. Sometimes you have to call a halt to things.

Is that you then?
Yep, that’s us. It’s high time we stopped yapping and got back to work. This ice cream doesn’t make itself, you know.