Here are some of the nice things people are saying about Stew ‘n’ Drew’s ice cream. We didn’t even have to sweeten them up with free samples …

This really is the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tried! – Jo

Love ice cream. Love Stew ‘n’ Drew’s – Samantha

The vanilla is amazing. Best I’ve tasted in a long time – Sharon

Tasted some beautiful ice cream today. The peach & mango and mojito were gorgeous. Ooh and the coconut too! – Leighanne

Easily the best ice cream I’ve ever had! – Stevie

Stew ‘n’ Drew’s mojito ice cream is amazing! – Fiona

I can highly recommend pistachio and peach & mango! – Debbie

It’s a luxury you deserve – Evelyn

Hi just tasted the Christmas pudding ice cream we got from you. Wow !!! It’s really delicious:) – Janice

Truly delicious ice cream! – Jen

The rum n raisin was excellent. Got the whole tub to myself too – Alexander

Thank you so much for my birthday cake! It’s delicious! Would highly recommend it! – Isla

Perfect end to a lovely weekend. A Stew ‘n’ Drew’s at West Beach – Karen

Thanks for the scrummy ice cream guys! – Nikki

Stew ‘n’ Drew’s fabulous coconut ice cream. Yummie – Brycie

Fab ice cream – Joan

Cannae wait to get a slider next time I’m home – Nayland