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Superhero ice cream tips

Edible Hulk

Don’t make him angry. Be nice and compliment him on his splendid use of mint and blueberry to create such a Hulk-like green and purple concoction. That way you’ll stay friends and he won’t rip you to shreds.


Tell him that you much prefer cones to Kryptonite and that the evil General Zod deserves to be sprayed with raspberry ripple and booted into hyperspace. Then point out that Superman’s winning combination of cherry, vanilla and blue raspberry happens to be the favourite of Lois Lane.

Super Stew 

Just inform him that you seriously dig his inventive ice cream and confirm that his sublime mix of vanilla, raspberry and blueberry is the best thing since that time Lex Luthor slipped on a banana nougat wafer and toppled head first into Hopeman harbour.

Iron Drew

Accept that he is made of something far stronger than girders and on no condition challenge him to an arm wrestling contest because you’ll only come off worse and find that you are unable to hold a cone again.

Invisible Man

Buy him in bulk – whether it be a twin-top cone, a quadruple cone or a ten litre tub – for he contains zero calories and doesn’t cost a penny. The only downside is that you’ll never know when you have Invisible Man ice cream all over your face. But then no one else will notice either.

5 ice cream anagrams

Mice race
Ace crime
Mice care
Mace rice
i.e. ace Mr C.

Only one of these anagrams was a member of The Shamen and could move ANY mountain.

Tasty licks and Jedi mind tricks

We make Stew ‘n’ Drew’s ice cream with a variety of small-batch freezers, but the one we have a real soft spot for is the Giusti (pictured above). Small and reliable, it is the R2-D2 of ice cream machines.

Just yesterday we powered it up to create a fresh batch of our Traditional Vanilla. Then, out of the blue, it bleeped and projected a flickering hologram of a tiny Princess.

There she was, standing on the freshly-scrubbed floor of our ice cream factory, clasping her hands together and saying repeatedly: ‘Help me Stew ‘n’ Drew, you’re my only hope’.

Two seconds later, there was a knock on the door. Drew went and answered it – Stew was busy chatting to the Princess – and was met by the equally surprising sight of a wee green guy in robes, licking a cone.

‘Great ice cream you make,’ said the wee green guy, introducing himself as Yoda.

‘Cheers Yoda,’ replied Drew.

Things then got really weird when the milk lorry turned up but instead of the usual driver it was an intergalactic smuggler who went by the name of Han Solo.

In the passenger seat was what can only be described as a Wookiee. Chewbacca let out a yowl so we fed him some ice cream.

We then jumped in the back of the milk lorry – number plate M1LNM FLCN – and spent the rest of the day driving around Moray and much of the galaxy battling the Empire.

By tea-time, we’d triumphed.

Turns out the Force is strong in Stew ‘n’ Drew and that we’re ice cream Jedis. Who’d have thought it?

May the Force be with you too, people of impeccable taste.

Great things to do with ice cream #2

Cookie Sliders

1. Take some of your favourite cookies along with a 1/2 litre tub of Stew ‘n’ Drew’s Traditional Vanilla.

Cookies and ice cream

2. Cut the 1/2 litre tub into slices. Remember to remove the packaging from the side of your ice cream slices!

Slicing ice cream

3. Place your ice cream slices between your cookies. Enjoy!

Cookie sliders

Great things to do with ice cream #1

The Coke Float

Grab a tall glass and fill it with coke (we recommend Bon Accord Bona-Cola but other brands will do). Now add a couple of scoops of Stew ‘n’ Drew’s ice cream.

Congratulations, you have in your hands a Coke Float. They used to be all the rage, you know. Now that you’ve just played a small but vital role in their long-overdue comeback, celebrate the revival of the Coke Float by downing it in a one-er. Cheers!

Sign of things to come

Ice cream a-hoy! The Stew ‘n’ Drew’s website is GO.

Above is our sign. We’re thinking of treating it like the Bat-signal. The idea is that your town would receive one of our distress signal devices, which you would project on the sky whenever you were in need of Stew ‘n’ Drew’s ice cream. Then we’d ride to the rescue on our ice cream bike and save the day with a timely cone.

The world needs ice cream superheroes. That’s the plan anyway.

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